Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Candy & Cheese

I did this for an Earth Day challenge. Everything on this layout is recycled except for the Creative Imaginations pattern papers. The 12x12 inch cardboard base is recycled from the backing of a paper stack. The corrugated cardboard was originally packing material from a delivery box. I painted both of these in shades of pink, fuschia and white and distressed the edges. The corrugated cardboard acts as the base upon which the photos and other mementoes sit. The journalling tag was a room key card at the hotel we stayed at in London. I recycled it by simply journalling on the back of the key card. I also used a discarded bubble gum case to frame the photo on candies, much like a Pac-man chomping down on the candy. The bubble gum casing and room key card double up as mementoes from our London holiday. The ribbons were all recycled from birthday gift wrappings.

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Edleen said...

Susan, this is Awesome!!!

great to bump into you today! :D