Sunday, February 15, 2009

Seen on ScrapScene

I made a few Valentine's Day cards and projects the last month and a few of them were picked up by ScrapScene.

Valentine's Day Projects 12 Feb

Valentine's Day Projects 14 Feb

Thank you to everyone who's dropped by to take a closer look and for your comments. They're much appreciated. :)

Lia also left me a comment to say my Love Songs project reminded her of this one at Pink Paislee. So I followed her link to take a look. And yes, I am tickled by the similarity as pointed out by Lia:- the ribbon backing and vertical orientation. Let me say categorically, and this is the honest truth, I'd never seen Katie Watson's beautiful banner before Lia posted the link. So of course now I'm thinking, are people thinking that I copied Katie's design? I really dislike the idea of copying someone's scrapping ideas wholesale, or even partly, without giving credit. Truth be told, I absolutely abhor the idea of copying anyone's ideas wholesale. Where's the creativity and pride in your work if you did that?

So back to my Love Songs project. I spent a few days thinking of what altered decor I could create with my Gauche Alchemy kit. I knew I wanted it to have 4 pages with the alphabets LOVE on each one of them. At first I thought I would create a mini album. But then I figured that was too boring and had been done before. Then I thought perhaps a standing display on the console, with each alpha linked by some ribbon ties. But I gave up that idea because I would have to make sure the decor could stand up well on its own. So I thought about hanging banners, a horizontal one, like a party banner. Basically taking my standing decor idea and hanging it up horizontally on the wall. And that was how I started creating the piece. Except I realized as I was making it that there wasn't enough wall to hang the banner on. :D So what did I do? I decided to create a vertical hanging. I could of course have just linked each chipboard piece to the next through individual ribbon ties, but I thought that was too ordinary. And it would mean punching holes in my little chipboard squares which I felt would spoil the design. So I came up with this idea of just having very long ribbon tails and attaching my chipboard squares to them. (This is where having a huge stash of ribbons comes in useful.) And I thought I was being really creative and original doing that. The idea of making horizontal banners has been around for some time and quite a few people have made them. So even going vertical I thought was a departure from the crowd. At the time that I created my decor, I thought hanging my chipboard squares off long ribbon tails was so clever. But come to think of it, didn't I see that idea in a Martha Stewart magazine years ago, where she hung Christmas cards on a ribbon backing? Or was it at a childhood friend's house over Christmas 8 years ago that I saw the idea? Probably both. So sad to say, the ribbon backing idea is not new.

What am I saying? Well, firstly, that I did not copy the hanging decor idea from anyone, certainly not Katie Watson as I'd never laid eyes on her beautiful banner before today. And secondly, that even what we think is an original idea has probably been done before. So in my subconscious mind, I say Thank You Martha Stewart. :D


Amy Wing said...

I wonder if any "original" piece of work is ever 100% original. We all take ideas and inspiration from each other. Some of us are more original in making it our own.

I had seen vertical banner-type designs before, but I do think yours is one of the very best of that kind of design I've seen. You made it yours. That's all that matters. :)

lialuvsblythes said...

That's great that you're letting your blog readers into your creative mind on how you came up with your pretty banner. Though seriously, I feel that no one has to defend their work as long as they are honest to themselves. It would make for veryvery long blog and gallery posts, won't it? Especially when some of us are active on SO MANY online galleries and forums.

I have seen manymany people copy my own and my friends' designs, use them to submit to contests, pub calls and even their DT assignments - without any credit whatsoever for their source of inspiration ... and truthfully it's disgusting. Because I don't think that anyone with the mind to copy someone's work could be delusional and assume someone's work as their own. :)

But as long as you are honest, know for a fact that the work is your own, then let what other people think! So good for you, Sue! Originality and ethics is important and I can see your points in this post. Again, don't feel that you have to defend your work! :)

Ching-a-ling said...

wow wow wow Sue!! I'm sooo proud to know you. I just saw all your work on Scrapscene and wanted to come over here to congratulate you!! You are incredibly talented and so glad you're getting the accolades you deserve!! I'm very inspired by you.

aichaku-愛着 said...
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