Thursday, January 7, 2010

Want to win some Nook Kits?

Yep, My Scrapbook Nook's having a blog hop starting this Friday, 8 January, and we're giving away free kits! Lots of them! We'll be posting details then, so do check back.

And just a reminder, sign up for a six month subscription to the Nook kits between Jan 5th and 15th and receive a credit of $20.10 to your account! Shop for all the add ons and goodies your heart desires on the Nook, and get those scrappy New Year's resolutions off to a proactive start!

Get your 6 month sub at this link: Nook Subscription

And I just heard that if you're a subscriber, you will get some deep discounts at the shop. Sounds like a great time to sign up for a subscription. :) If you do sign up, dont forget to write my name (Susan Lui) on the referral field. And if you put my name on the referral, do drop me a note here too, so I can send you a little something from me personally.

Check back here tomorrow (Friday) for more blog hop details. See you then!


NICOLE said...

Wow, how fun and generous of the NOOK!

cal8007 said...

I love "going" to blog hops because I never know where I will end up; and this is the case here. I'm so happy you have classes! I'm in a rot at the moment and can use a little push.

I'll go back and sign up or go look at the classes. Thanks!