Thursday, January 7, 2010

Want to win some Nook Kits?

Yep, My Scrapbook Nook's having a blog hop starting this Friday, 8 January, and we're giving away free kits! Lots of them! We'll be posting details then, so do check back.

And just a reminder, sign up for a six month subscription to the Nook kits between Jan 5th and 15th and receive a credit of $20.10 to your account! Shop for all the add ons and goodies your heart desires on the Nook, and get those scrappy New Year's resolutions off to a proactive start!

Get your 6 month sub at this link: Nook Subscription

And I just heard that if you're a subscriber, you will get some deep discounts at the shop. Sounds like a great time to sign up for a subscription. :) If you do sign up, dont forget to write my name (Susan Lui) on the referral field. And if you put my name on the referral, do drop me a note here too, so I can send you a little something from me personally.

Check back here tomorrow (Friday) for more blog hop details. See you then!


Nicole Martel said...

Wow, how fun and generous of the NOOK!

cal8007 said...

I love "going" to blog hops because I never know where I will end up; and this is the case here. I'm so happy you have classes! I'm in a rot at the moment and can use a little push.

I'll go back and sign up or go look at the classes. Thanks!