Friday, September 2, 2011

Floral Acrylic Page

Here's an acrylic page I created for My Tattered Angels for their series on Do You Know Your Mistables. The project was selected for Tattered Angels' How-To series on their blog (yay!) and you can download all the instructions from there. Or you can just read on here...


Tattered Angels:
Glimmer Glaze - Chandelier, Tide Pool
Chalkboard Mist - Mint Chocolate Chip, Chalk
Glimmer Mist - Dazzling Diamonds, Vintage Pink, Tutti Frutti, Forest Green, Hula Hoop

Build-A-Book Acrylic Page #890117
Notecards - Madeleine Collection #545192
Vintage Trinkets #930004
Vintage Trinkets #549725
Flowered Tendrils Pinck #540901
Fairytale Roses Baby Pink #538637

Tim Holtz idea-ology:
Charm Clips

Seam binding



1. Mist the Prima Acrylic page generously in Chalk and Mint Chocolate Chip Chalkboard Mist. Let air dry. Yes, chalkboard mists work beautifully on clear acrylics.

2. Mist the Prima flowers with Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer Mist. When dry, paint on some Glimmer Glaze in Chandelier for more glitter.

3. Dab on Glimmer Glaze in Tide Pool and Chandelier on the Prima vintage metal trinkets, giving them a bluish tinge.

4. Moisten the seam binding and mist them with Vintage Pink, Tutti Frutti, Forest Green and Hula Hoop Glimmer Mists, giving them a variegated look.

5. Assemble the page: Attach the cheesecloth to the acrylic scallop page using strong glue, layer on the Prima Notecard and photograph with dimensional foam dots. Tie the seam binding through the binder holes, attaching the lock charm as you tie off the ribbon. Position the flower and vine and glue them on. Attach the flower vintage trinket using strong glue.


Luz Maria Bruna said...

Woow this so so pretty and delicate!!

Robin said...

Your floral acrylic page is simply amazing - what a lovely creation!