Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Graphic 45 Afternoon Tea Recipe Book

I featured this tutorial on my last post for the Holiday Handmade Blog Hop. But it appears that it wasn't loading properly for some readers. So I'm posting it again. I hope you're able to see it this time.

Here's my holiday inspiration for you and how you can make it yourself.

It's a recipe book for Afternoon Tea delights created using Graphic 45's A Ladies Diary collection. The recipe book is made from paper bags, which made me think of groceries, of baking ingredients, of cakes and cupcakes and hence a recipe book. :D

As you can see, the recipe book has pages of varying sizes plus lots of pockets for inserts, extra notes and photos.

Lots of decorated pages awaiting new recipes...

Like what you see? Here are the instructions:

Afternoon Tea Paper Bag Mini Album Tutorial with Susan

List of Ingredients:
10 paper bags
Graphic 45 A Ladies Diary patterned papers
Graphic 45 A Ladies Diary chipboard die cuts
Graphic 45 A Ladies Diary stickers
May Arts Ribbons 
Flowers, leaves
1. Stick down the base of all your paper bags.
2. Fold this base over itself. Do not stick down. You now have a larger half of the paper bag which will form a page, and a smaller half (the base) which will be used as the connector for your mini album. Trim the length of the larger half of the paper bag to your desired page size. Mine's 6x6 inches.
3. There are essentially two ways to form the inside pages of your mini album. The first method is as follows: Take two paper bags, butt them up against each other and adhere the two bases together as shown. You now have a page, a flap, followed by a page.
4. The second method connects the paper bags by creating pockets. Run adhesive along the two sides and bottom of one paper bag base. Adhere this to the page of a second paper bag, forming a pocket. You now have a page, followed by a page with pocket.
5. Now just use these two methods to create as many pages of your mini as you wish.
6. Moving on to the cover of the mini album. I wanted my album cover to be sturdy so I created it using two paper bags. Fold two paper bags as shown in the photo and adhere them to each other.
You now have a sturdy cover with a connector base. Attach the connector base to your inside page using the connector as a pocket. See instructions in Step 4. 
This is how my inside cover looks attached to the next page:

7. You can make your back cover the same way you made the front cover. Or you can do what I did. I extended the back page and overlapped this with the front cover. This design requires a fastener to close the book securely. What you need to do is to attach a couple of Graphic 45 chipboards to the front cover and the flap of the back cover and wind twine around the two chipboards. See photos of my completed book for how I did it.
8. Now decorate your mini album with Graphic 45 patterned papers, May Arts ribbons, flowers & leaves and you’re done.
The recipe book is secured by winding a length of matching twine around two Graphic 45 chipboard pieces.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Please leave a comment to let me know that this is showing up for you. And if you want to be entered for the Handmade Holiday Blog Hop, please leave a comment here by Nov 27:


Jan Hennings said...

LOVE your mini!

Elle said...

Love your Mini, its gorgeous!


Evgenia Petzer said...

absolutely gorgeous!!!

jordanbev5 said...

Thank you for the instructions! You made a beautiful album with these wonderful papers from GR45! Stunning!

Barbara said...

I love what you have done with this. A super present for someone.

ginnieg said...

Your recipe book is AWESOME, and thank you for the tutorial I will certainly try my hand at making it.

thank you again

ginnieg said...

Your recipe book is AWESOME, and thank you for the tutorial I will certainly try my hand at making it.

thank you again

Yue Yu said...

Hello!! Such a pretty project :D I've been wanting to make a paper bag mini but dont know where to get them in Singapore! Where do you get urs!

Yue Yu said...

Hello!! Such a pretty project :D I've been wanting to make a paper bag mini but dont know where to get them in Singapore! Where do you get urs!

Andrew Aidan said...

Nice Blog And Collection

Graphic Design

witchaussie said...

Love what you have created it's beautiful. Love the choice of papers. Can you tell us what size paperbags you used for this album please.


Sue Lui said...

Thanks for all your comments. :)

witchaussie, the paper bags I used are 6x11".

Yue Yu, you can buy the paperbags from SKP.

deborah border said...

I'm gonna try this one, thanks for great instructions that get right to the point. Your album is stunning.

deborah border said...
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Angeline said...

Hi sue ! This is so pretty ! Am wondering how you connected the front n back cover together ? Thx

katiusca mosquiera said...

Hola , mi nombre es Katiusca y me encanto tu mini álbum, gracias por el tutorial.

Sue Lui said...

Hi Angeline, I wrapped the extended part of the front cover to the back cover. How's your book coming along?

Angeline said...

oh ok.. let me try and see.. I am in progress! will show you once i'm done ;)

Sue Lui said...

Looking forward to seeing your mini, Angeline. :)

Jeremy Steinmetz said...

Is there a video tutorial for the Graphic 45 Afternoon Tea recipe mini? I'm not quite how to make and attach the back cover with the extended portion?! Please help!!

Anonymous said...

This was nice. Thank you. :)

Jen said...

This is so very beautiful, I adore the colors and papers. Thank you so much for taking the time to do the photo tutorial, it is so appreciated. Have a lovely day! Jen

terry roe said...

I would give anything if you would show this live on you tube. Terry

Gisela said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love it. Regards from Germany.

islandgirl4 said...

Thank you for sharing your craft. It has inspired me to make some mini albums. Love it. Thanks, Melba. God Bless

Kim Gyu said...

Lovely mini. I love it's detail, but the simplicity behind the design. Thank you for sharing!

Di L said...

Lovely! Thank you.