Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Graphic 45 Calendar - June

Hello! If you've been following the Graphic 45 series of Place In Time calendar tutorials, you'll know it's time for June's tutorial today. And yours truly has the pleasure of showing you my tutorial on it.

Here's the calendar page for June. As you can see, its got lots of flowers, fussy cut details and doilies. It looks detailed but really, it's not that complicated if you follow through the tutorial.

Here's what you'll need:

Graphic 45 Place In Time - June Foundation, June Cut-Aparts, Calendar Foundation
Graphic 45 A Ladies Diary - A Ladies Diary, Moment In Time, Delicate Details, La Gazette, Timeless Memoir
Doilies - 1 piece 5.5 inch, 2 pieces 4.5 inch
Flowers & leaves


1. Cut circles out of patterned paper for your doilies, allowing the intricate edges of the doilies to show through. Adhere circles to doilies, then attach doilies to the June Foundation paper as shown.

2. Cut out two strips from the Place In Time June Cut-Aparts as shown. Fussy cut a spray of flowers from A Ladies Diary Delicate Details and a clock from Moment In Time. Place these elements on the page as depicted below.

3. Cut out the June calendar from the Calendar Foundation page and adhere it to the big doily.

4. Select and fussy cut a large flower spray from Delicate Details patterned paper. Adhere this to the Foundation page as shown.

5. I created a journalling spot which you can tuck into the doilies, allowing you to have some hidden journalling if you desire. To create the journalling spot, simply cut out the June journalling tag from the June Cut-Apart paper, then adhere a flower and leaves to it.

6. The hidden journalling tag goes in here. Pull it out to read, tuck it back in if you'd rather keep your words secret.

7. Add some flowers and leaves to the page and you're done. :)

Here are more photos of the page from different angles...

Have fun doing up your own Place In Time calendar!


butterfly said...

Just been gazing at this over at G45 - absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for the detailed tutorial as well as the inspiration!
Alison x

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Oh my goodness. I already saw this in the G45 blog, but had to look at it again. It is so beautiful. I love the circular design of of the layout, and how you echoed that with that fabulous sweep of flowers. You never fail to amaze me!