Sunday, October 6, 2013

Manila Tag Mini Album Tutorial

Here’s a quick mini album tutorial I created for Graphic 45. You can make it using some manila tags, Graphic 45 Bohemian Bazaar patterned papers, chipboards, tags and ribbon. I’ll be showing you how to bind the mini album using Japanese stab stitching, which is a simple yet pretty binding.

Graphic 45 Bohemian Bazaar Mystical Masterpiece
Graphic 45 Bohemian Bazaar Tags and Pockets
Graphic 45 Bohemian Bazaar Chipboards
Graphic 45 Bohemian Bazaar Stickers
Manila Tags – 2 for the cover, 6 for the inside pages
Sewing Needle


1. Select two manila tags as your front and back covers and attach patterned papers to both sides of each. Create a hole template for your mini album spine.  To do this, cut a one inch strip and punch three holes down the centre.

--> 2. Score one inch from the left on the front cover and all the pages of the mini album.

3. Using your template, punch holes through both covers and all the inside pages.

4. Thread your ribbon through a sewing needle. To begin, take your needle down hole 2, leaving a 3” tail. Then bring your needle up through hole 1.

5.  Take your needle around the spine of hole 1, then thread back up hole 1 again.

6. Wind your ribbon round the top of the mini album then back up through hole 1 again. Next, bring your needle down hole 2 and up through hole 3. Now repeat at hole 3 what you did at hole 1. That is, wind the ribbon round the spine of the hole 3, up through hole 3, down the bottom of the mini album, then up through hole 3 again.

7. Bring your ribbon up to hole 2, tie a knot and a pretty bow and you’re done binding your tag mini album. Now decorate to your heart’s delight.


Faith A said...

Looking how to bind a mini album on together on Google, I came across this, Oh! I do wish I had seen this before I did mine. Brilliant, Thank you for the tutorial, will copy and use in future.

Faith A said...

OK I couldn't because of copyright, but will bookmark instead, thank you.