Saturday, November 1, 2014

Calligraphy & Christmas Cards

It's been some time since I blogged here. I've been busy with my new hobby, calligraphy. And I'm really pleased to share that I will be teaching a few calligraphy classes at PaperMarket this month.

The hands-on classes will take you through the basic letterforms of modern calligraphy and how to write with an oblique holder. And because Christmas is coming up, you'll be designing your own Christmas cards at the end of the class, with your personalized calligraphy greeting. All material will be provided in the class, including an oblique holder, ink and inkpot, flexible pointed nibs and material to make Christmas cards and tags. Come join the class with a friend. I hope to see you there. More details on the class and PaperMarket's event can be found here: